PebblePad Webinar November 2017

Vital signs: How PebblePad is being used in two health disciplines - Oral Health and Pharmacy.


Ron Knevel, La Trobe University Natalie Medlicott, Jennifer Bruce, & Megan Anakin, University of Otago

About the webinar:

Supporting 360-degree feedback with oral health science and dentistry students La Trobe University

Ron's presentation focuses on a new way to support oral health science and dentistry students to develop ongoing reflective practice to maintain professional competence and support certification of competence. A clinical logbook, used with feedback templates, and a number of workbooks that stimulate goal setting for improvement of clinical and critical thinking skills will be presented. A key feature of this teaching program is the provision of useful feedback for students and teaching staff. This entails developing a 360-degree feedback framework, which includes peer review, student feedback, clinical educator feedback, placement agency feedback and patient feedback.

Providing opportunities for reflection with pharmacy students at the University of Otago

Heeding the global signals for change, the pharmacy profession in New Zealand is preparing for a shift in types of services provided by pharmacists. To better prepare our students for this future, changes have been made to the curriculum at the University of Otago School of Pharmacy. These changes have prompted staff to consider how they can best assess and give students feedback on their developing professional knowledge and skills. This presentation focuses on how the University of Otago has used PebblePad to provide opportunities for reflection with our pharmacy students. We will discuss the challenges we have encountered and the features of our practice portfolio.

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almost 3 years agoJanuary 15, 2020
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