PebblePad Webinar April 2019

PebblePad as an instrument for Student Support and Success: Recruitment, training, reflection and evaluation for disparate Peer Mentor Programs through implementation of PebblePad workbooks and workspaces


Katherine Parsons, Heather Harmer and Rhys Cooper - Griffith Uni

About the webinar:

The Mentoring and Orientation Hub (MOH) at Griffith University run a wide range of peer support programs aimed at improving students’ feelings of belonging, social connections, academic achievement, and likelihood of retention. The MOH team employ PebblePad to recruit, train, and support peer mentors from a variety of disciplines operating in a range of different mentoring programs. PebblePad is also used to evaluate key data from these programs, such as mentor feedback and student attendance figures. This presentation will outline how PebblePad spaces are created to effectively facilitate the processes and practices of student support programs.

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