PebblePad Webinar January 2019

The second live broadcast to ensure delegates from all corners of the globe can attend our Technical Workshop Webinar, first broadcast as part of the PebbleBash December conference in Australia:

Any technology used at enterprise scale can only work well if it is thoughtfully and thoroughly integrated with other systems and platforms. In this webinar, aimed squarely at the more technically-minded, PebblePad's techie triad – Development Director, Toni Lavender; Chief Technical Officer, Andy Everson; and Integration Support Lead, Mathew Evans - will discuss the following topics:

• Account management including new API features to facilitate account housekeeping • An update on our reporting project to provide statistics on engagement • LMS integrations including details of upcoming Blackboard Ultra support • Some examples of what it is possible to achieve with an API integration • Options for reusing existing content from other services

Along with this they will discuss the development roadmap, and facilitate a discussion around the integration needs and expectations of the community. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions.

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