PebblePad Webinar December 2019

We end the year by revisiting our publication ‘Exploring High-Impact Practices with PebblePad’. This will be an interactive webinar with lots of opportunities for input from the audience. We hope you can attend to learn more about High-Impact Practices or to share your expertise integrating High-Impact Practices and any challenges you may have encountered in the process. Christmas attire is not compulsory, but Sarah and Gail have promised to dress in seasonal gear!

Presenters: Gail Ring, PebblePad Director of Service and Partnerships North America and Sarah Chesney, PebblePad Implementation Specialist

Jenni Munday
over 1 year agoJanuary 9, 2020
Could you please share the link for Portland University Equity project? I think there could be several people at CSU who would find this project interesting. It's at 44.44 in the recording - I will share the recording and starting time with my colleagues.

Thanks, and Happy New Year

Melissa S Pirie Cross
over 1 year agoJanuary 18, 2020
Hello Jenni,

I am happy to share! It can be found at PDXscholar through the PSU library at this URL 

You can also find Oscar's PebblePad portfolio dedicated to helping others understand and disseminate this HIP equity activity at this location.

Please feel free to email me with any questions. 

Thank you, Melissa
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