PebblePad Webinar October 2019

Medical education staff are invited to join us for a webinar exploring the use of portfolio-based learning approaches in medical programmes. Paul Duvall, a member of the UK PebblePad consultancy team, will present on his 5 years with the School of Medicine at the University of Liverpool and his more recent experience facilitating the implementation of PebblePad in medicine at five other universities. He will outline both the commonalities and differences in approaches to portfolio-based teaching and learning, the successes and some of the challenges. Paul and Alison will then facilitate a discussion amongst participants and invite others to contribute from their experiences. At the end of the webinar we will introduce a new international medical education SIG that participants will be invited to join.

Read Paul’s recent blog post (, with associated medical education page and publication, for more information about how the current challenges being faced by medical schools are being tackled.

While the examples in this webinar will come from practice with PebblePad, the discussion around curriculum challenges and opportunities will be relevant to all medical educators. The processes underlying the examples will be easily extrapolated to other portfolio-based technologies.

Paul Duvall, PebblePad Implementation Specialist (UK) and Alison Poot, PebblePad Australian Director

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